Kennett Area Freight Study Released

In November 2019, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) released the final Kennett Area Freight Transportation Study. This 2019 work program item investigated a six municipality study area in and around Kennett for ways to minimize the community impacts of freight movements and increase public safety.

The study recommends implementation of the following:

  • Traffic Calming Measures – Gateway treatments and high visibility pedestrian crossings to increase safety within the village environments
  • Truck Route Development – to keep trucks where they belong should be developed by a multijurisdictional working group
  • Improved Wayfinding and Signage – improvements to existing signage clarity, visibility, and location along with new, consistent signage.

The document contains a great inventory of traffic data and economic generators within the study area, particularly with the mushroom industry.

Download the study.

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One comment on “Kennett Area Freight Study Released

  1. Charle Fleischmann

    Your graph on page 20 of the mushroom supply chain is missing the component of the materials (Mulch/mushroom hay) being delivered to the soil compost distributor. The contribution probably exceeds the Mushroom Compost to Commercial Consumers component but comprises more tractor/trailer elements.