eTools Promote Options for A+ Homes

This month’s highlighted eTools look at creating opportunities for A+ Homes in Chester County.  Additional affordable, accessible, adaptable, and aging-friendly housing options can be made available through residential conversions, accessory dwelling units, housing rehabilitation, and affordable housing bonuses.

  • Residential Conversions re-purpose an existing building into a new or different type of residential use such as converting an older industrial building into apartments. Conversions can also be on a smaller scale, such as dividing a large single-family home into a few residential units.
  • Accessory Dwelling Units are independent secondary dwellings typically located on single-family residential lot.  They may consist of a small residential use separate from the principle dwelling or an accessory apartment within the primary dwelling.
  • Housing Rehabilitation improves a property so that it is in compliance with current housing standards allowing the owner to continue living there.
  • Affordable Housing Bonuses can be incorporated into municipal ordinances to encourage more affordably priced homes within residential developments.

These housing eTools provide opportunities for housing diversity, affordably-prices housing options, and the ability for seniors to age in place or in close proximity to their families. They also environmentally friendly because they primarily use existing infrastructure and buildings.

The Planning Commission’s eTools cover a wide array of planning topics ranging from natural resources to economic development.  The tools are an easy read, providing a quick overview of each topic, a brief explanation of how it works, and considerations in addressing the topic or regulating the use.  An alphabetical listing of eTools is available in our Municipal Corner.