2019 Transportation Improvement Inventory

The Environment and Infrastructure Division has completed and posted its 2019 Transportation Improvement Inventory (TII) to the Chester County Planning Commission’s website. In addition to the complete TII document, the website offers project lists by municipality, as well as legislative district. The TII is a comprehensive record of known transportation needs within Chester County. It includes proposed roadway, bridge, bicycle/pedestrian, and transit projects that have been recommended to the CCPC by municipalities and other stakeholders over time.

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Join us for Trails, Trains and Traffic on Dec. 4th

Join us for our Trails, Trains and Traffic event which will feature updates on the status of trail developments, upgrades to our regional rail stations, and major roadway/highway improvement projects. This event will also serve as a public meeting for our current Active Transportation Inventory project as staff will be presenting the initial results from our review of all of Chester County’s 73 municipalities. The meeting format will include an open house followed by brief presentations on each topic and wrapping with a Q&A session to address attendee questions. Register now!

Check out the Status of Transportation Projects

County Planning Commission has updated its list on the status of Transportation Priority Projects. This list is updated every six months and includes highway and trail projects and public transportation. The status of the projects was last updated in August 2019.

Also, the Planning Commission updated the 2019-2022 Transportation Improvement Program after receiving input. View both updated lists. Continue Reading →

Chester County Commissioners Highlight County Trails

No matter where you go in Chester County, you will find lots of people who are interested in trails. These trails provide unique experiences and places for residents and visitors to exercise and relax, and the County has been working to expand its trail system.

Chester County Commissioners Michelle Kichline, Kathi Cozzone and Terence Farrell took the opportunity to highlight the County’s growing trail network during their recent public meeting. To start out, the Commissioners adopted a resolution to signify the completion of the Chester Valley Trail West Study that was financed in part by the Community Conservation Partnerships Program grant through the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Bureau of Recreation and Conservation. Continue Reading →

Planning Commission Rolls Along with Active Transportation Inventory Project

These days, people crave the ability to walk and bike places. They don’t want to get in their cars every time they need to go somewhere.

During the development of the county’s new comprehensive plan, Landscapes3, Chester County residents identified the need for more bicycle and pedestrian facilities in their communities. These facilities provide residents with greater mobility, multimodal transportation options, and additional recreational options all leading to the development of healthier communities. Continue Reading →