Town Tours & Village Walks Program Wraps up 27th Year

The Chester County Town Tours and Village Walks program wrapped up its 27th year in August with another great series of presentations and walking tours!

This year’s program focused on “Journeying Toward Freedom” and featured both virtual and in-person activities throughout Chester County’s historic sites and villages that were presented by local historic commissions, associations, and societies.

Much like last year, the 2021 program consisted of “Live at Five” events highlighting various aspects of the county’s history. In addition to the live events, historic walking tours occurred on Thursday evenings (and some weekends) June through August.

“The [2021] programs highlight local historic sites and stories focused on the journey toward freedom and the places where those journeys are especially evident,” noted Chester County Commissioners’ Chair, Marian Moskowitz, during her opening remarks. “This is truly a timely and timeless theme.”

The 2021 program kicked off with a Celebration and Juneteenth Commemoration at the Chester County History Center on June 17, followed by presentations about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad (6/24), Abolitionists and the Eusebius & Sarah Barnard House (7/1), the Parker Sisters Kidnapping and Rescue (7/15), the W. Vincent Lewis Fussel Family Story (7/22), Post-Civil War and the Road to Recovery (8/12), the Welsh Baptist Historic District (8/19), and the Mason Dixon Line (8/21).

“We are fortunate this year that not only do we have Town Tours to learn about our history and the struggle for civil rights,” commented Commissioner Josh Maxwell, “But we also have the Juneteenth festival to honor all those past and present who worked together for freedom.”

“As always, a special thank you to all the volunteers and the sites supporting the individual sessions this year – and to our cosponsors of Town Tours and Village Walks, the Chester County History Center, the Chester County Historic Preservation Network, and the Chester County Conference and Visitors Bureau. This is truly a collaborative effort,” added Commissioner Michelle Kichline.

Recordings are available for most of the virtual events and can be viewed on the Planning Commission’s website.

Stay tuned for information on next year’s Town Tours – as we have already begun the planning process!