Planning Commission Welcomes New Graphic Arts Specialist

We are pleased to announce Ian Mix joined our staff as the new Graphics Arts Specialist earlier this month. Ian graduated Magna Cum Laude from West Chester University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic and Interactive Design. His course work included typography, publication design, and digital design. He brings to the Planning Commission experience with print and digital layouts, brand identity, and tight deadlines. Read on to learn more about Ian.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? I always knew that I wanted to enter the art world in some aspect. During high school I discovered Graphic Design, and ever since then, I haven’t thought of anything else!

What was your first job? My first job was at a paint your own pottery studio, a place I frequented much in my youth. I mostly got the job there for the employee discount ;).

What did you study in college? My official degree is a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Professional Focus in Graphic and Interactive Design. Basically, just a bunch of fancy words to say Graphic Design.

How did you arrive at the Chester County Planning Commission? I found out about the position from an employee who I went to school with and applied.

What three words best describe you? The 3 words I would use to describe myself are:

  1. Chameleon – Besides them being my favorite animal, I find that, especially in the art world, you never truly do the same work every day, so I am always finding myself adapting to new situations and learning new things.
  2. Passionate – I believe you should either do everything in your life with purpose, or don’t bother doing it at all.
  3. Creative – Not just in a literal sense of “artistic” but also in a way that I try to find new solutions to old problems that may not be the most obvious.

What is something colleagues don’t know about you? Something that people always seem to notice the more they are around me is I have these random hiccups every once in a while. Just one or two, and there is no rhyme or reason to them. My family thinks that I learned from my older sister. She has them too, and doctors think that it’s because she had breathing tubes when she was really little. And I guess I, being an annoying little brother, couldn’t let her have all the attention, so my subconscious shifted them to me as well!

What is your life philosophy? I tend to live my life through quotes that change in different stages of my life. Currently, I am flip-flopping between a Robert Frost quote “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” And “Work hard, stay humble”.

What is your favorite place in Chester County? My favorite place in Chester County would have to be West Chester University. It’s where I met my wife, most of my best friends, and truly is a home away from home.

Where would we find you after hours? After work hours, you will most likely find myself at home whipping up some dinner with my wife and settling in for the evening on the couch with my two cats, Binx and Gypsy.

What’s the last book you read? The last book I read was called “In Progress” which is a book by one of my favorite lettering artists Jessica Hische. It’s an in depth look at her entire process from initial sketching to final product.


We look forward to working with Ian and applying his passion for design!