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Please join us for a fascinating FREE webinar highlighting new findings about the Battle of Brandywine, plus a sneak-peek into the next phase of Battlefield study, Thursday, December 17th at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom.

Driving through the Brandywine Valley you’ve likely passed many historical sites! Did you know that the largest single day land battle of the entire 7-year American Revolution happened right here? The action and events of the Battle of Brandywine that took place 243 years ago (9/11/1777) spanned approximately 35,000 acres over portions of Chester and Delaware Counties, as well as New Castle County (DE). Featured will be new discoveries about Crown (British, Hessian, Loyalists) and American military activity in the southern battlefield (East Marlborough New Garden, Kennett, Kennett Square, Pennsbury) grounded in 18th century sites that still exist today! Register now!

Given the Battlefield’s large size, thousands of properties in the area comprise this legacy of our nation’s founding. The Battle of Brandywine was not only one of the largest of the American War for Independence and involved the most troops in active combat; it also demonstrated that the fledging American citizen army could withstand a direct engagement with the formidable professional Crown forces and still rally to fight again.

This webinar is part of multi-phased Brandywine Battlefield strategic landscapes planning, which involves analysis of key battle areas, sites, and activities to provide focused guidance for local planning, land conservation, historic resource protection, and heritage interpretation and public education programing. Project funding is from NPS’s American Battlefield Protection Program with in-kind support by Chester County Planning Commission, along with dedicated work of Task Force partners. Please visit our website  for more information about Brandywine Battlefield Task Force, Philadelphia Campaign of 1777, and related planning efforts.


Welcome by Chester County Commissioners – Marian Moskowitz, Josh Maxwell, Michelle Kichline

Program Introduction – Jeannine Speirs, Project Manager, Chester County Planning Commission and Administrator, Brandywine Battlefield Task Force

Methods, Findings, & Discoveries in our Battlefield Landscapes – Wade Catts, Project Archeologist Consultant, South River Heritage Consulting

Researching 1777 Properties/Roads & A Family Story – John E. Smith III, Chester County Archives

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A snapshot of British positions and activities in the days leading up to the battle, which helps pinpoint battle places for local planning, preservation, and interpretation purposes.

Map created by Western Heritage Mapping, part of the project consultant team