Photo Contest Closed

From our rural open space and working agricultural lands to our urban main streets and historic buildings, we clearly have much to appreciate and be thankful for in Chester County.  Our photo contest, which ended on November 25th, has been the lucky recipient of hundreds of wonderful images.  Many thanks to our participants! 

We kicked off the photo contest hoping to get a different view on what places are valued in Chester County, and the perspectives offered are varied but still quintessential Chester County.  Open lands, agricultural lands, farm stands, borough main streets and side streets, natural beauty in its many forms, community parks, our waterways, historic buildings both private and public, community events, walking trails, a quiet bench, bridges – these special places are featured again and again, with each photo unique in what it tells us about the value of living in Chester County.  Of course, places are made all the more special by who we share them with, and our feathered, furred, and hairy companions (domestic and otherwise), appear in many photos, as well as family and friends.

Once again, thanks to those who have taken the time to share their favorite Chester County place. We will announce the winners early next year.  In the meantime, you can view the entries at

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