700+ survey responses; is yours one of them?

To date we’ve had more than 700 surveys completed across all seven stakeholder topic areas.  Many thanks to those who have taken the time to provide their thoughts through the surveys.  If you  haven’t participated in our topic-specific surveys there is still time.  Surveys for each topic area are now posted, with each survey staying open for three months after the initial meeting.  For the Preservation topic, this means the survey will be closing December 12th; Community Health, the most recent topic, will close March 6th. 

Please click here to complete any topic-specific survey that you are interested in.

This first series of meetings were a great success, focusing on identifying issues and trends within the different stakeholder topics.  Participants in the process have engaged in spirited discussion and provided input on the many challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Chester County.  All of the stakeholder teams will meet again in 2017, starting with Preservation in early February and extending into May.  The second series of meetings will focus on prioritization of issues and discussion of potential actions.