Meet Landscapes3 Steering Committee Member Ernie Holling

Ernie Holling, a West Pikeland resident, is one of the Landscapes3 Steering Committee members. Holling is the president and chief executive officer of The InTech Group Inc., a company that provides global agility in technology solutions.

Holling is also a member of the West Pikeland Township Board of Supervisors and the president of the Chester County Association of Township Officials. He is a member of the Mill at Anselma Preservation and Education Trust Board of Trustees. Holling brings his expertise in infrastructure/utilities to the Landscapes3 Steering Committee. 

“I look forward to Landscapes3 building considerations for municipalities to address in evolving their comprehensive plans,” said Holling.

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The Chester County Commissioners established the steering committee in late June as part the development of the county’s next comprehensive plan. The steering committee started meeting this fall to create the plan’s vision and goals.