Meet Landscapes3 Steering Committee Co-Chair Matthew Hammond

The Chester County Commissioners established a Landscapes3 Steering Committee in late June as part the development of the county’s next comprehensive plan. The steering committee will start meeting this fall to create the plan’s vision and goals.

In the meantime, we’ll be highlighting the 27-member committee in an effort to inform residents about the Landscapes3 process.

Matthew Hammond, a West Bradford resident, is one of the three co-chairs of the steering committee. A professional engineer who specializes in transportation planning and design, he is the executive vice president of Traffic Planning and Design, Inc. in West Goshen and the chairman of the Chester County Planning Commission. He is interested in the transportation aspect of the county (vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle, rail, aviation, etc.), but is also interested in all facets of what makes Chester County such a great place. 

“The county is proud of its many accomplishments and included in those many accomplishments is what Landscapes has done to shape Chester County over the past 20 years,” Hammond said. “We do not intend to rest on our laurels. We will work extremely hard to improve upon the accomplishments made at the direction of Landscapes and Landscapes2 and will work hand in hand with the commissioners, stakeholders and the public to ensure Landscapes3 provides the tools necessary for Chester County to continue to be the best place to live, work, and play in the United States for generations to come.”

For more information about Hammond, click here and here.

The other two steering committee co-chairs are Christopher Alonzo, president of Pietro Industries and chairman of the Chester County Agricultural Development Council, and Molly Morrison, president of Natural Lands and a member of the county Planning Commission.

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