Fall 2020 Planning Grants Awarded

Comprehensive plan updates in East Brandywine Township, Highland Township, and Willistown Township, along with a Master Corridor Plan for West Lincoln Highway in Valley Township have been awarded funding of approximately $135,000 through the Vision Partnership Program this fall. East Brandywine Township will also update their Official Map as part of their project, maintaining consistency between their policies and an implementation ordinance.

Competition for grant funding this cycle was significant, with just over $200,000 in grant funding sought across six applications. The awarded projects will advance consistency and implementation of Landscapes3 within each of these municipalities, helping communities tackle challenges, take advantage of opportunities, and be proactive in setting a vision for their future. Community engagement will play a significant role in each of the projects.

Projects are anticipated to kick-off in 2021. Congratulations to these four municipalities on their planning project awards!