Work on Landscapes3 to Begin

Development of Landscapes3, the update to Landscapes2, Chester County’s Comprehensive Plan, will kick-off on September 13, 2016 at the Board of County Commissioners’ meeting. Landscapes2 has served the County well since adoption in 2009, with open space preservation, urban center revitalization and municipal planning assistance through the Vision Partnership Program. See Landscapes success stories here.

Now is the time to renew the County’s vision and ensure that Chester County remains a wonderful place to live, work, travel, and play. The update will involve three phases:

#TellUsL3 – Understanding the Issues This phase will focus on gathering background data on issues and trends that will be critical to address in Landscapes3. A series of stakeholder meetings will be held to help identify issues and trends in specific topical subjects. These meetings are open to the public and start September 13, 2016. This phase will also include a photo contest and topical surveys.

#GuideUsL3 – Constructing the Vision During this phase the vision for Landscapes3 will be developed and refined, and the plan document will be drafted, reviewed, and adopted. This phase will also include regional meetings and a public opinion survey. A steering committee will be formed to guide this phase. Draft materials will be available for review and comment on-line.

#WorkWithUsL3 – Implementing the Plan This phase will implement the recommendations of Landscapes3. A series of programs, grants and actions will be initiated to advance implementation.

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