Two More Vision Partnership Program Projects Move Forward

Two projects in Chester County – one in the Kennett area and one in Thornbury Township – that received assistance through the county’s Vision Partnership Program (VPP) are moving forward. The VPP provides grants to Chester County municipalities and multi-municipal groups seeking to improve their planning programs while achieving consistency with and implementation of the goals, objectives, recommendations, and map of Landscapes3. In the Kennett area, eight municipalities surrounding Kennett Library tackled a community facility visioning process which will result in a new library in Kennett Square. Thornbury Township completed and adopted a new comprehensive plan that focuses on managing growth and opportunities for preservation and recreation.

The outreach process for the Kennett area study included a public survey and multiple workshops. Completed in 2017, the final study provided details on the needs identified through the process and recommendations regarding the siting, design, and development of a new library within the borough of Kennett Square. The municipalities were assisted by the team of RRMM Lukmire Architects and Providence Associates. The project was funded by the municipalities (Kennett Square Borough and the townships of East Marlborough, Kennett, Newlin, New Garden, Pennsbury, Pocopson, and West Marlborough) and a VPP cash grant. Learn more.

Assisted by the Chester County Planning Commission, Thornbury Township adopted a new comprehensive plan in 2018 that focuses on managing growth and opportunities for preservation and recreation. The township hopes to expand its multimodal opportunities by expanding and connecting its existing network of sidewalks and trails linking residential, institutional, and recreational uses (such as Goose Creek Park). The plan includes four priority areas: land use and community character, transportation and infrastructure, preserving and enhancing green spaces, and community facilities and services. The project was funded by Thornbury Township and a VPP technical services grant. View the plan.

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View details about the second round of VPP cash grants in 2019, which will open Sept. 3 and close at 4 p.m. Oct. 25.

Graphic of Kennett library is courtesy of RRMM Architects.