“Restore Chester County” Provides Reopening Guidelines and Resources for Businesses and Residents

Chester County will be moving to green on June 26, and in preparation for the county’s phased reopening, the Chester County Commissioners and the Chester County COVID-19 Business Task Force have launched an online toolkit offering guidelines that have been specifically designed for Chester County’s 15,000+ businesses and 525,000 residents. The Chester County Planning Commission has played a vital role in assisting with these efforts as well.

RestoreChesterCounty.org provides direct access to guidelines that are broken down by 20 different business and organization sectors here in Chester County,” explained Chester County Commissioners’ Chair, Marian Moskowitz.

The website was launched after the Chester County Commissioners surveyed businesses throughout the county and learned of the difficulties they were facing with the current information being provided. “We’re frequently seeing online resources that point you to yet another online resource. Rather than sending you down that rabbit hole of information, we are curating best practices specifically for our county’s businesses and organization sectors,” said County Commissioner Josh Maxwell.

Upon entering the website, visitors are presented with general information and resources such as downloadable “Business” and “Resident” toolkits, with access to further information in each of the 20 different business sectors. Some of the general information provided includes best practices for reopening, a checklist for knowing whether or not your business is ready to reopen, and resources for obtaining Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

An “About Us” section highlights the 22-member Chester County COVID-19 Business Task Force, which was formed by the Commissioners last month as a way to focus on reopening and restoring Chester County’s economy affected by COVID-19. The task force is made up of business, economic, education, and government leaders from around the county.

The information found on RestoreChesterCounty.org reflects the information being provided at the county, state, and federal levels – but with consideration to Chester County’s specific business and resident needs and interests. While the guidelines in the toolkit are designed to be helpful, they are not meant to replace any state or local safety laws, rules, or regulations that are applicable to a particular industry.

“It should be noted that these guidelines are based on the best practices as they stand now, and will be updated as our community’s needs and circumstances change,” said Commissioner Michelle Kichline. “We are continually receiving feedback from the community that contributes to updates.”

The website also features a section on latest News and Events, a form for submitting questions, a newsletter sign up, and links to social media. Learn more and submit feedback at https://restorechestercounty.org/.