Planning Commission Shares Highlights of Landscapes3 Topical Surveys

Public engagement for Landscapes3 has occurred in a variety of ways in recent months — stakeholder meetings, topic specific surveys, presentations to more than 20 groups, and outreach at community events (check our calendar for where we’ll be next) — and we will be launching our public survey on May 15. The public survey is an interactive, highly visual survey that asks about priorities and preferences for the future of Chester County. As we get ready for that survey, here’s a look back at the logistical details on our topic specific surveys from 2016: 

  • Seven surveys were provided to stakeholders and the public on preservation, agriculture, housing, utilities and infrastructure, transportation, economic development, and community health.
  • Each survey was open for three months.
  • More than 1,000 responses were submitted.

Feedback from the surveys was extensive and detailed, and has already been integrated into development of priority issues. Thanks to all who took the time to participate! Highlights from the survey feedback include:

  • 98 percent felt open space preservation should be a priority
  • 93 percent felt historic resource preservation should be a priority
  • 67 percent felt residents don’t understand the importance of agriculture to our local economy
  • 80 percent felt the affordability of housing should be more actively addressed
  • 49 percent felt the county does not have a very diversified housing stock
  • 96 percent felt safe drinking water is a priority
  • 90 percent felt addressing stormwater and flooding should be a priority
  • 86 percent felt congestion reduction has a positive economic impact
  • 96 percent felt improved transportation infrastructure should be a priority
  • 89 percent felt economic development should be a priority
  • 92 percent felt longer commutes impact hiring and retention of employees
  • 93 percent felt more multi-use trails should be developed
  • 82 percent felt it’s important to retain the ability to remain in your current residence as you age
  • 37 percent felt food insecurity is an issue

There were many more findings, and many thoughtful comments provided in the responses – go check them out on our topics for discussion page!

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