Planning Commission Announces VPP Awards

Congratulations to the Phoenixville Region, Honey Brook Township, and West Brandywine Township on their new Vision Partnership Program (VPP) awards! The Phoenixville Region will be updating their comprehensive plan to cover West Pikeland Township, which has made the decision to join the Region. With the inclusion of West Pikeland, the Region is now planning across a significant portion of northeastern Chester County, including five townships and the Borough of Phoenixville.

Honey Brook Township and West Brandywine Township were awarded a VPP grant to develop a feasibility study for the Icedale Trail. The trail corridor would roughly parallel Route 322, connecting residential areas and recreation options, focusing on Icedale Lake and Icedale Meadows Park. Both projects are anticipated to kick-off in early 2020. Congratulations to these eight municipalities on their planning project awards!

The VPP is a grant available to Chester County municipalities and multi-municipal groups seeking to improve their planning programs while achieving consistency with and implementation of the goals, objectives, recommendations, and map of Landscapes3. Established in 1996, the purpose of VPP is to advance consistency with and implementation of the county comprehensive plan while accomplishing effective, lasting, and positive benefits for municipalities through innovate municipal planning, multi-municipal planning, and new and revised municipal plans, ordinances, and planning studies that address opportunities and issues of community concern. Stay tuned for the next round of VPP opening in January!

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