Meet Landscapes3 Steering Committee Member Timothy Phelps

P. Timothy Phelps, an East Whiteland resident, is one of the Landscapes3 Steering Committee members. Phelps is the executive director of the Transportation Management Association of Chester County, an organization based in East Whiteland that focuses on congestion mitigation and alternative commute options for transportation projects countywide.

Phelps’ areas of expertise and interest as a member of the steering committee include congestion mitigation and air quality, employer outreach for mobility options, multimodal transportation options, and transportation demand management. 

“I see Landscapes3 as a ‘style guide’ for Chester County municipalities as they assess the opportunities of (re)development in their communities while integrating the unifying quality of life attributes we try to achieve for Chester County,” Phelps said.

For more information about Phelps, click here and here. Follow him on Twitter @TMACCTIM.

The Chester County Commissioners established the steering committee in late June as part the development of the county’s next comprehensive plan. The steering committee will start meeting this fall to create the plan’s vision and goals.