Meet Landscapes3 Steering Committee Member Jim Garrison

Jim Garrison, an East Pikeland resident, is one of the Landscapes3 Steering Committee members. Garrison, an architect, is a project manager at the Vanguard Group in Malvern.

Garrison’s expertise and areas of interest as a member of the steering committee include historic preservation and open space. In addition to his background in architecture, Garrison is the chairman of the East Pikeland Historical Commission and the vice president of the Chester County Historic Preservation Network. He also has written a handful of books that include themes of architecture and historic preservation. 

“Chester County has an incredibly rich history that informs past, present, and future,” said Garrison. “Landscapes3 also brings many threads together and benefits from an interdisciplinary approach by a broad range of participants.”

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The Chester County Commissioners established the steering committee in late June as part the development of the county’s next comprehensive plan. The steering committee started meeting this fall to create the plan’s vision and goals.