Local Municipalities Receive Grants for Environmental, Transportation Projects

Some Chester County municipalities and local organizations are recipients of this year’s Pennsylvania Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) awards for environmental and infrastructure projects and transportation improvements.

After the Nov. 14 CFA meeting, awards were announced for the Multimodal Transportation Fund (Act 89) and environmental funds created by Act 13. The total amount distributed to Chester County applicants was $2,909,354.   

Act 13 of 2012 amended the Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Law and established an impact fee associated with Marcellus Shale drilling and extraction, which created the Marcellus Legacy Fund that has provided funding across the Commonwealth for environmental and infrastructure projects. Act 89 of 2013 restructured the gasoline tax system and increased fees for various registrations, permits, and violations to raise money for transportation improvements, including the establishment of the Multimodal Transportation Fund program.

The following is a list of Chester County recipients:


Greenway Trails and Recreation Program (Act 13)

  • North Coventry: Hanover Meadows Park – Phase I – $100,000
  • Natural Lands: Osborne Hill Easement Acquisition – $250,000
  • East Goshen: Milltown Dam Park Development – $65,000
  • The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County: Coye Acquisition for White Clay Creek Preserve Addition – $125,000

Sewage Facilities Program (Act 13)

  • East Brandywine: Act 537 Plan Update – $40,000

Watershed Restoration and Protection Program (Act 13)

  • Brandywine Red Clay Alliance: Ludwig’s Run Stormwater Basin Repair – $75,000

Multimodal Transportation Fund (Act 89)

  • Oxford: Oxford Borough Downtown Core Access Improvements – $285,822
  • Kennett Township: Kennett Area Multimodal Network – $500,000
  • New Garden: Baltimore Pike and Newark Road Intersection Improvement Project – $600,000
  • Newlin: Laurel Road Flood Damage Repair – $754,354
  • Parsons Coatesville, LLC: CTDI’s Warehouse, Distribution, and Logistics Center Project – $114,178

The complete list of awards may be found on the CFA website (under CFA Overview/Approved Projects).