Landscapes3 Steering Committee Concludes 2017 Meetings

The development of Landscapes3 has advanced significantly throughout 2017, shifting from meetings with stakeholder teams on various topics to the first series of meetings with the steering committee. As part of the Landscapes3 public outreach efforts this past year, the Planning Commission staff attended over 20 community events, conducted a second photo contest, and launched a public survey that had nearly 6,000 participants.

During the fall the Landscapes3 Steering Committee met four times to discuss the plan’s vision, goals, and objectives. A public meeting was held in October to share the plan’s draft vision and receive input from the public. The final draft versions of the vision, goals, and objectives are currently being refined based on this input, and will be shared early in 2018. 

2018 will continue to be a busy year in the development of Landscapes3. A series of meetings are scheduled for the spring, with locations across the county. Starting in early March and continuing into May, the meetings will provide an opportunity for the municipalities and public to comment on the proposed Landscapes map and provide input on plan recommendations. Plan development will wrap up in the second half of the year, with additional opportunities for feedback.