July’s Featured eTool is Adaptive Reuse

Chester County’s rich cultural heritage is evident through many of the historic structures and buildings that still exist today. One of the ways this is possible is through the process of adaptive reuse, which is this month’s highlighted eTool.

Adaptive reuse is the process of repurposing buildings to address present-day needs and modern functions. The new functions are not what the building may have originally been intended or used for, however they are sensitive to the building’s character-defining features.

There are a number of potential benefits from the adaptive reuse of buildings, including: community revitalization, community character, cost savings, reduced energy consumption, smart growth opportunities, community resilience, increased property values, and tax advantages.

Some examples of adaptive reuse buildings throughout Chester County include the Four Dogs Tavern in Marshallton Village, the Downingtown STEM Academy, and the Sharples Works Apartments in West Chester, among others.

Learn more about adaptive reuse and how to help implement it in your community.

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