Landscapes3 Draft Goals, Objectives, and Map Released for Review

If you are a Chester County resident or municipal official who has an interest in the county’s future, please check out the latest developments of Landscapes3, the county’s next comprehensive plan. In particular, we at the Chester County Planning Commission are asking for comments of the plan’s draft goals, objectives, and map. 

Developed under the guidance of the project steering committee and incorporating input from the public, stakeholders, and others, the draft goals and objectives set the policy for Landscapes3. The goals and objectives are organized around the core themes that have been brought forth during the development of Landscapes3 – Preserve, Protect, Appreciate, Live, Prosper, and Connect. Viewing the county through the lens of these six goal areas provides a comprehensive view that allows for understanding shared challenges and opportunities.

The draft vision that was shared with the public at the October 2017 public meeting was the basis of the draft goals and objectives. At this time, the public and municipalities are asked to review the draft goals and objectives in terms of how well they reflect the broad, long-term desired outcomes (goals) and the more specific targets (objectives). Detailed recommendations (also referred to as actions) will be developed over the spring of 2018 and available for public review at a later date. View the draft goals and objectives.

The Landscapes3 draft map was influenced by the Landscapes2 Livable Landscapes map, which identified growth and resource areas. The draft Landscapes3 map has retained the same categories, but has been updated to reflect existing development and preservation in our communities, as well as proposed and planned development projects and preservation efforts. At this time, the public and municipal officials are invited to review the map in light of local development and preservation patterns and plans. View details on the different map categories, and check out a print version of the map. You also can explore the map interactively.

Provide online comments on any of these materials. A series of spring 2018 public meetings will focus on presentation, discussion, and comments on these materials, and the public and municipal officials are encouraged to attend the meeting most convenient for them. The public meetings will occur around the county, with four locations between March and May. The first meeting will take place March 6 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Henrietta Hankin Library at 215 Windgate Drive, Chester Springs, Pa., 19425. View details on all the meeting locations.

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